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Register of Wills Office

Hon. Harold K. Brode, - Registrar

555 Bay Rd Dover, DE 19901 Rm. 113

(302) 744-2330 

Email:  Registrar@KentCountyDE.gov


Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Mon.-Fri.

 *for appointments please contact staff at number above.

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List of Documents for Opening - This is a list of Opening Documents to choose from when petitioning for Letters.  (Fillable Form)  Revised  02.15.2022    


Customer Information Sheet -  Revised 10.05.2022   


Affidavit Will Search - Affidavit confirming Search of decedent's affects to locate Will.     12.19.13


Petition to Act as Personal Representative - Form for an individual to become the personal representative for an estate.  12.19.13     


Renunciation -   (Fillable Form)  Revised  02.03.2022    


Power of Attorney - Power of Attorney from for out of state personal representatives.  updated 12.19.13    


Trust Inquiry Form - (Fillable Form) Revised   02.15.2022


An Estate ID Number may be required when opening an estate checking account. Follow this link to apply for and EIN https://sa.www4.irs.gov/modiein/individual/index.jsp  




600 RW Inventory Instructions - Explanation of each schedule on the inventory form. 05.11.2022     


600 RW Inventory - An inventory of the assets fo the decedent, to be filed with the Register of Wills office by the Personal Representative. This is due 3 months from opening the estate.  There is a charge for overdue documents and returned documents.  Reviesd 07.29.2022   

   Fillable Form (Rev. 07.29.2022)   |  Inventory Sample (Rev 07.29.2022) 




List of Documents for Closing - This is a list of Closing Documents to choose from when filing an Accounting to close an Estate.  8.19.15     


Accounting - Please note that there is a charge for overdue documents (sample included). Revised 10.15.19   

     Accounting Instructions  Revised 05.11.2022


Closing Packet - Revised 07.29.2022


Accounting Affidavit  Revised  06.01.2022




List Of Beneficiaries - List of beneficiaries form.    12.19.13 


Beneficiary Waiver - Waiver from each beneficiary relinquishing their right to receive notices.     12.19.13


Waiver Incapacity - Waiver  from parent /guardian of beneficiary relinquishing right to receive notices.    12.19.13


Commission Letter for P.R. - This letter is to be filed as confirmation of intent to claim commission received by the Personal Representative of an estate.  


Other Documents and Forms


No Estate Tax Affidavit (Fillable Form) - For information about estate taxes, contact the Delaware Division of Revenue at 302-577-817.  A death certificate must be attached unless it has been previously filed with the Register of Wills Office.   


Small Estate Affidavit Mail In Request Form - Available only for clients unable to visit the Register of Wills office.  Should be mailed in only by the named executor in the valid will OR if there is no will, the closest next of kin to the decedent according to Delaware law.       04.09.2020


Statement of Claim - Statement of Claim form.  Documents that are returned will be charged after second attempt at filing. Revised 08.27.19   


Estate Search - Our Estate search form.     10.25.2021

****(estate searches will not be returned unless a self –addressed stamped envelope is provided with each request.) 


Life Estate Termination (Fillable Form) revised 04.27.2022  |  (Word Doc.)


Extension Request Form – This form is to be used when requesting an extension to file an inventory or an accounting for an estate.  11.11.2020


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