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Email:  publicworks@kentcountyde.gov


Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Mon.-Fri.  


Emergency Sewer Backup?- Call 302-363-4537



Attn: Kent County Trash District Customers in the following areas:
• Royal Grant
• Sandy Hill
• Eagles Nest
• Old Mill 1 & 2
• Taylor Estates
• Cooper Road


Due to a mechanical issue Yard Waste was not able to be completed today Thursday June 1, 2023. Please leave your cans out at the curb tonight to ensure that your Yard Waste will be serviced on Friday June 2, 2023.


Also a reminder that we are still working on a one day delay due to the holiday this week and all normal Friday pickups will be on Saturday.


Please contact our office at 302-744-2429 or send us a message on Facebook.



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Public Works
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The Department of Public Works has a diverse range of responsibilities including:


Wastewater Planning:

The Department of Public Works provides long range wastewater transmission, collection and treatment planning under an ISO certified Sustainability Management System (SMS). Relevant portions of the SMS can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link:


Permit Compliance:

The Wastewater Division assures compliance with all State and Federal Permits pertaining to surface water discharges, biosolids land application and air emissions. The appropriate permits can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Water Quality Standards:

Kent County Levy Court and DNREC agreed to jointly develop or revise water quality standards for nutrients and dissolved oxygen for the tidal Murderkill River based on site specific science. Starting in 2007 and continuing through today, various research agreements were executed with the University of Delaware, Stroud Water Research Center, Delaware Geological Survey, US Geological Survey, Chesapeake Biogeochemical and Hydroqual, Inc. to conduct testing, sampling and other research functions as part of the Total Maximum Daily Load Settlement Agreement between DNREC and Kent County.


Capital Improvement Projects:

The Department of Public Works implements the planning, design and construction of the County's main transmission system as well as the resource recovery facility to meet anticipated capacity and regulatory requirements.


Energy Management of County Facilities: 

One of the major operating expenses associated with operations covered under the Department of Public Works is the purchase of energy resources, such as electricity and natural gas.  Energy production is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The Department of Public Works, through its SMS, has committed to reduce its energy usage and subsequently its greenhouse gas emissions.  In fact, Public Works is beginning to add in the requirements of the ISO 50001 energy management standard as an important element of its SMS and will be seeking to be designated a platinum participant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program.  Since 2009, the wastewater treatment operations have reduced energy consumption by over 25%.






(This does NOT apply to you if your collection is provided by a CITY, TOWN OR PRIVATE CONTRACTOR)







For questions contact us at (302) 744-2429 or visit www.co.kent.de.us - Kent County Department of Public Works


Kent County Garbage Collection Rates- June 1, 2022- May 31, 2023:

With Yard Waste: $339.00

Without Yard Waste: $310.50


Billing information for new trash districts and new customers in existing districts:

* Kent County will begin billing the property owner for garbage collection service based on the Effective Date of the service as stated in the Resolution.


*Garbage Collection service is billed once per year on the annual County Tax Billing for each property. 


*The annual County Tax Billing covers the period of June 1st of each year through May 31st of the following year.


 *County Tax Billing is sent to the property owner during June of each year. 


 *If the effective date of the garbage collection service does not coincide with the annual tax billing, a pro-rated bill will be sent to the property owner.  (Example:  If a property is eligible for billing in January, a prorated bill for the months of January through May 31st will be sent to the property owner.)


*The property owner is responsible for payment of any billing.  If the property owner has contracted with their mortgage company to pay taxes from their escrow account, it is the property owners responsibility to ensure their mortgage company receives the annual County Tax Billing. 


* If the property owner is leasing the property, the property owner is responsible for payment of any billing. At no time will the billing be changed to a rental agency or to the lessee.







The Engineering Division is responsible for:


  • Creation and planning of central sewer system extensions in Kent County
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Design of new pump stations and other wastewater facilities
  • Geodatabase design, maintenance and mapping services
  • Underground utility locating
  • Flow measurement of all transmissions to the Regional Resource Recovery Facility
  • Residential and commercial sewer permitting and inspections


Kent County's central sewer system includes 95 pump stations and over 400 miles of sewer transmission pipes providing wastewater service to over 18,000 residential and commercial customers.  In addition, the Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility accepts and treats wastewater from Smyrna, Clayton, Cheswold, Dover, Bowers Beach, Felton, Frederica, Harrington, Milford and the Dover Air Force Base.


Residential & Commercial Sewer Permitting

A sewer permit is required for any residential or commercial property connecting to the Kent County central sewer systemSewer permits can be applied for online using the MyGovernment Online customer portal.  Please call 302-744-2430 for information. 


Miss Utility Delmarva Information

To avoid damaging underground utilities residents are reminded to contact "Miss Utility Delmarva" at 1-800-282-8555 to have underground utilities marked on the property before beginning any project such as construction of a home, deck, shed or garage or installation of a pool or fence.


Sewer System Expansions & New Subdivisions

For complete information on sewer system expansion applications, fees, planning, permitting and construction, please contact the Engineering Division at (302) 744-2430.

The Kent County Sewer Advisory Boardwas established in 1973 and is responsible for advising the Kent County Levy Court Commissioners on the operations, expansions and overall development of Kent County's Sewer System and Wastewater Treatment Facility. 


The Sewer Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of 13 members, one from each Levy Court District and municipality as well as members from the Dover Air Force Base and the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC).  


The SAB reviews, monitors and provides recommendations on:


  • Development of new sewer areas/districts
  • Technical Feasibility Studies, including design and estimated construction costs
  • Industrial and Commercial User Contracts
  • Compatibility to the Regional Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Federal and State environmental requirements
  • Sewer User Rates, Rate Adjustments and Operations and Maintenance Costs
  • Environmental programs and initiatives
  • Sewer Fund Budget


The SAB meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility

Built in 1973, the Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility formerly known as the Kent County Wastewater Treatment Facility serves over 130,000 residential, commercial, industrial and municipal users and treats over 12 million gallons of wastewater per day.  Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Regional Resource Recovery Facility, located just outside of Frederica, has received national recognition and regional Federal EPA performance awards for its innovative treatment projects like the photovoltaic solar farm, passive solar biosolids dryers and UV disinfection processing.  For detailed information about the facility click on the link at left.


Environmental Programs & Regulatory Compliance

The purpose of the environmental programs at Kent County is to protect and preserve critical environmental assets of Kent County as well as to meet the regulatory requirements enacted by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the standards set by the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC).


Sustainability Management System

The Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility is currently only 1 of 2 treatment facilities in the United States to have a Sustainability Management System that is ISO14001 certified, National Biosolids Partnership (NPB) certified and OHSAS 18001 certified.


Septage Hauler Information

All transporters of septage, grease trap waste, cesspool waste, chemical toilets and industrial wastewater must have each truck permitted annually.  Each truck must be inspected at the Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility and shall prominently display the tank volume and appropriate tag(s).  Inspection forms from another nearby municipality can be submitted in lieu of truck inspection.  Please contact the Environmental Program Manager at 302-335-6000 for further information.





To report a street light problem in your community

Call the Department of Public Works at (302) 744-2430.


Improve repair response time - please provide the pole number and street address.


Kent County provides street light service to many developments and communities throughout Kent County.  If your community does not have street lights, contact the Department of Public Works for complete information on how to obtain this service.


Homeowners Associations - if you are interested in transferring the street light maintenance and billing responsibilities of your community to Kent County, please call (302) 744-2430.


Developers - As per Kent County Code (Chapter 187) installation of street lights is required in subdivisions and must be coordinated with the Department of Public Works.  For detailed instructions please call (302) 744-2430.

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