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HR Current News

Property Tax bills often generate QUESTIONS for County staff :

Property tax bills are mailed out in early August each year and taxes are due on September 30. Invariably, Kent County employees are asked by relatives, neighbors, and/or strangers why their “County ... (Read more)

FREE at-Home COVID-19 Antigen Test Available to Employees :

Remember the COVID-19 pandemic is not over! Employees can stop by the Personnel Office and pick up a FREE at-Home COVID19 Antigen Rapid test. Yes - the test expiration date on the box says July 202... (Read more)

Earn $150 - Sign up for onsite BIOMETRIC SCREENING on Oct. 14 :

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 14, 2022 for the Annual FREE On-site Biometric Screening. The biometric screening will qualify for a $150 wellness benefit from Delaware Valley Health Trust – K... (Learn more)

I.T. staff STARTS County web domain/email/Office 365 upgrades :

What to know about the changes being scheduled for July 13 - Aug 5. Domain Change from co.kent.de.us to KentCountyDE.gov starting now with email accounts being set up so employees receive emails ... (Read more)

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! Fiscal Year 2023 budget effective July 1 :

Happy New Year! Fiscal Year 2023 started July 1, 2022, which means the new Kent County budget is in effect. Due to the new fiscal year and the Independence Day holiday on Monday, July 4, employees w... (Read more)

FY2023 pay rates to INCREASE pension contribution & premiums :

As part of the Fiscal Year 2023 budget adoption process earlier this year, Levy Court approved a 4% cost of living adjustment and continuation of pay range progression with a full step increase for el... (Read more)

Can you $URVIVE RETIREMENT? Review your Pension Statement :

Will your County pension support you in your senior years? It is a question most of us don’t ask until it is too late. According to experts, many Americans struggle to make ends meet while trying ... (Read more)

County e-mail addresses will soon CHANGE to kentcountyde.gov :

Kent County email addresses will soon be moving to a new address as part of a wide-ranging initiative to modernize our IT infrastructure by transitioning our domain name to kentcountyde.gov. The Count... (Learn more)

Stay VIGILANT. COVID-19 & its Variants Continue to Spread :

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet! Employees should continue to heed the lessons learned from the past two years. New variants of COVID-19 are spreading rapidly and more people, including Kent Cou... (Read more)

Levy Court adopts FY2023 budget with 4% COLA plus 2% step :

Levy Court Commissioners adopted the Fiscal Year 2023 budget following a public hearing on April 26, 2022 concluding an annual process that begins each September with departmental budget request submi... (Read more)

Online Cyber Security AWARENESS TRAINING required by June 30 :

Hackers and international conflict have made computer security awareness a high priority in every organization including the public sector. Employees play an important role in keeping Kent County’s in... (Read more)

Public Health provides update on COVID & Monkeybox spread :

According to the Delaware Division of Public Health, COVID-19 cases are in flux right now in Delaware. Please keep an eye on case numbers and the COVID-19 community levels as DPH does think there may... (Learn more)

Take more NATURE BREAKS for better Health + FREE webinar :

If your go-to break when you’ve finished a work or home task is to scroll through your phone or flip on the TV, trade it for stepping outside. Developing the “nature break habit” has many proven bene... (Learn more)

BE SAFE THIS SUMMER! 5 ways to be safe in the SUN :

With summer now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors and enjoy the sunny weather, but are you properly protecting yourself from potential risks? What is UV Radiation? Ultraviolet (U... (Learn more)

Learn how to REDUCE RISK of HEAT STRESS in the Workplace :

We hear it in the news every day: As the Earth’s climate has warmed, hotter-than-usual days and nights are becoming more common all over the world. April 2022 was the third-hottest month that India ha... (Learn more)

SAVE YOUR BACK - Learn to lift & carry safety to avoid pain! :

Lifting and carrying are power jobs that require special care and training to prevent back injuries. Back injuries are a reality that almost all workers face to some degree, whether you work in constr... (Learn more)

Useful Tips to STAY OUT of the Emergency Room this summer! :

When you’re in the moment of enjoying the great outdoors, it’s easy to overlook common safety hazards. Here are a few precautions to keep in mind: Avoid overheating! In high temperatures, anyone can... (Learn more)

DRESS FOR SUMMER with eye toward work attire guidelines :

With the advent of summer, annual heat waves with 90-100 degree temperatures have begun, so many Kent County employees may be adjusting their work wardrobe as temperatures soar - but don’t go too far.... (Read more)

Earn cash with Wellness EDUCATION webinars this quarter :

The month of June is all about the fellas because it’s the official Men’s Health Month. Looking for ways to support the cause? See this list of easy things you can do to get involved. 1. Spread the Wo... (Learn more)

County launches RAVE safety alert APP for employees & location :

Kent County Levy Court employees now have access to a new tool to use in case of an emergency in the work place. Rave Panic Button is a product that allows employees to contact 9-1-1 and notify enroll... (Learn more)

LOOK FOR THE EXITS! Prepare now for fire evacuation drill :

Wherever you are, take a moment to look around for the nearest fire exit. It is important for new and existing employees to become and remain familiar with the fire safety plan and evacuation routes f... (Learn more)

Don't let SICKNESS SLOW YOU DOWN - Teladoc is included! :

Don't forget your have choices for care, now that Teladoc is included in your health benefits. We’re here to help you and your family feel better while traveling, at work, or at home—day or night. Whe... (Learn more)

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