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Kent County Stormwater Management District (SWMD)


This page will provide information on the program that enables Kent County to take over maintenance responsibilities for stormwater management basins and best management practices (BMPs) such as bio-swales and infiltration facilities from HOAs as well as commercial property owners.


Contact the Kent County Department of Planning Services at
(302) 744-2471 or email us at Stormwater@co.kent.de.us for further information.

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What do I get for being in a district?

 Kent County and KCD will perform minor maintenance activities which typically occur annually or every two or three years such as:  

  • Removal of accumulated sediments
  • Clearing of obstructions
  • Resetting of rip rap
  • Repair of eroded banks


Kent County and KCD will also perform more infrequent major maintenance tasks such as:  

  • Replacement of outlet structures and pipes
  • Repair of embankments


Take a look at this document on Operation and Maintenance Guidance for the SWMD.


Why should your community join?


Tasks such as repair of eroded banks or removal of obstructions from outlets typically are not performed regularly, if at all, which can increase future maintenance costs and / or necessitate major renovations.  HOA officers will be relieved from the burden of maintaining their community’s basins, total expenditures will likely be reduced, and water quality in Kent County will be improved.


How much will it cost to join?


Once administrative costs are included as well as a small set aside for related drainage projects, the residential fee has been initially established at $28 per lot per year.  Commercial locations with impervious area at or below 115,500 square feet will pay a flat fee of $1,012.50 per year.  Locations with impervious area above 115,500 square feet will pay $32.40 per EDU per year.


What do we need to do to join?


Fifty-one percent of all lot / unit owners within major subdivisions or land developments in Kent County may petition the Levy Court to create or extend the Stormwater Maintenance District.  Forms are available in our office or downloadable/printable below:


Handout to HOA (Word format) / Handout to HOA (PDF format)

Letter of Intent



Helpful Information

A number of public meetings were held around the county prior to the adoption of this ordinance.  An informational presentation was shown at these meetings and a fact sheet was handed out to better help the public understand this program.  These documents can be viewed below:


Public Meeting Presentation

Fact Sheet Hand-out


Here is a copy of the officially adopted ordinance:


14-02 Stormwater Maintenance Districts

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