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2018 Comp. Plan
2007 Plan Information

Master Plans


As part of the new Comprehensive Plan, the Levy Court has acknowledged that Master Plans are necessary for the Little Heaven Employment Center and South Frederica Area.  We will be holding public workshops for each of these areas to gather input from residents, state agencies, and other community stakeholders.  We will welcome all ideas, comments, and concerns to make these areas a benefit to both the local community and the state at large.  Here is the information on each workshop:


Little Heaven


Monday, October 29, 2018

6:00pm - 8:00pm with formal presentation at 6:30pm

Frederica Fire Hall, 6 Front St, Frederica, DE 19946


South Frederica


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

6:00pm - 8:00pm with formal presentation at 6:30pm

Frederica Fire Hall, 6 Front St, Frederica, DE 19946


We hope to see you there!


The 10 year Comprehensive Plan update in Kent County has finished.  We thank everyone who got involved for their help and input.  The Department will continue to post department updates on Facebook when future projects occur.  We will continue to post new information on our Twitter page as well.


Adopted Plan


Full Plan with appendices

Full Plan without appendices


Below are the story maps we produced for the plan process for public review and consupmtion.  They were a big part of gathering and sharing information for the plan and we'd like to continue to provide the information for the near future.


Population and Demographics

Economic Development

Parks and Recreation


Natural Resources

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

Land Use

Community Design

Intergovernmental Coordination



 Combined Document


June 5th Levy Court Presentation

January 9th Levy Court Presentation  



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Vision Statement


To preserve the rural and community character of Kent County by encouraging the most appropriate use of land, water, and other resources that protects the County's natural, historic, and cultural resources, allows for economic opportunity, preserves farmland, manages growth, and provides a safe sustainable environment in which all citizens may live, work, shop, learn, and play.


Industrial Areas


The 2007 Comprehensive Plan designates potential areas for larger scale economic development.  The following are the indentified areas:



West Cheswold

North Dover

West Frederica

West Milford

South Harrington



Commercial Areas


The 2007 plan also identified areas that would be appropriate for increased commercial uses.  This following map identifies areas around the county that may be able to handle more commercial activity.  It recommends a maximum amount of new zoning acreage within the time between comprehensive plan updates.


Commercial Areas Map 


TDR Program


TDR Maps

TDR Ordinance (Land Development)

TDR Ordinance (Zoning)



Questions? Call Planning Services at (302) 744-2471.

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