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Pack The Paramedic's Truck 2018:

Kent County Levy Court Paramedics were out yesterday, November 7, 2018 on a mission to help those in need have a bountiful Thanksgiving. Although the Paramedic’s truck hasn’t been weighed yet, food donations were well underway to equal or exceed las... Read more

Kent County Master Plan for Little Heaven and Frederica:

Dover, Del. – As part of the new Comprehensive Plan, the Levy Court acknowledged that Master Plans for the Little Heaven Employment Center and South Frederica area. Public workshops were held on October 29 and 30 at the Frederica Fire Hall to gather... Read more

Community Service Grant Program Applications Now Available:

Kent County Levy Court is currently accepting Community Service Grant applications. County Policy No. 22 §3 outlines the grant requirements. In order to be considered for this grant program, applications must be received by Kent County no later than... Grant Applications